Smeal is now Hunke Manufacturing, LLC
"Smeal products are known worldwide for excellent engineering and quality workmanship," Jeff Hunke, principal of J-Hunke 3 Properties, said in a news release. "We will continue to deliver the same, high-quality products to Smeal customers for many years to come."

Looking Back at How We Began
Hunke Manufacturing LLC, a manufacturing company based out of Snyder, Nebraska, is leading the way in manufacturing water well servicing equipment. The company formerly known as Smeal Manufacturing, designed and engineered their first water well pump hoist in 1962.

A name you can trust, water well service companies throughout the United States have come to turst Hunke to build their water well rig or servicing equipment. Hunke has shipped water well servicing equipment to over 35 foreign countries. The Hunke Brand is recognized world-wide, for excellence in engineering and manufacturing quality water well service equipment. Hunke Manufacturing has over 12 models to choose form in our line of water well service rigs. The first pump hoist Hunke produced is still on the job providing dependable service since 1962!

Hunke Manufacturing Today
Smeal Manufacturing Co., a Snyder-based manufacturer of water well servicing equipment, has announced the company has been acquired by a local management group, J-Hunke 3 Properties, dba Hunke Manufacturing LLC.


Hunke Manufacturing Company is a pioneer in the production of water well servicing equipment. We have been building water well service equipment since 1962. Since then the company has manufactured over 8,000 water well service rigs used throughout the United States and in 35 foreign countries.

Hunke products are recognized worldwide for excellent engineering and quality workmanship. The first Hunke (formerly Smeal Manufacturing) pump hoist is still on the job providing dependable service with sound construction.