Company: Plumbing Innovators

Based in Fredricksburg, VA.  Plumbing Innovators new S3T is mounted on a Ford F550 with a hydraulic pipe rack, mast light and tool boxes mounted all around the deck.

Company: Mark's Water Well

Based in Odessa, TX, Mark's new 5T is mounted on a custom flatbed.  The rig has 12' additional mast height and is powered by a Kubota deck engine.  Options include two manual tilt pipe racks, sandline winch with freefall clutch, oil cooler and front jack

Company: Concho Windmill & Pump

Based in San Angelo Texas, Concho's new 8T is loaded with options.  The rig has a sandline with 800' of 3/8" cable, 10' of additional mast height, work lights, oil cooler, two pipe racks, front jacks and below deck toolboxes with compartment lighting installed.

Company: Van De Yacht Pump

Van De Yacht Pumps new 5T is equipped with a remote, two pipe racks, one being manual tilt, work lights and a sandline with free-fall. The 5T is mounted on a 11' utility body.

Company: Ramon Correa Pump

Based in New Home, TX. Ramon Correa Pump's new 5T has a sandline and an oil cooler that was mounted on their custom flatbed.

Company: West Slope Water Works

Based in Auburn CA.  West Slope Water Works new 6T is equipped with a sandline with power up/power down, oil cooler, two pipe racks, front jack and is mounted on a 9' flatbed with headache rack.

Company: Anchorage Well and Pump

Based in Anchorage AK.  AW&P's new S3T has toolbox compartments above and below the deck on both sides of the rig.  The small compact hoist allows the company to access wells in tight areas.

Company: Braum's Dairy

Based in Oklahoma City, their new 12T is equipped with a swing arm and aux tailout winch, sandline winch with 600' of 7/16" cable, front jacks, work lights with under deck toolboxes.

Company: Searles Well

Based in New Ulm, MN. Searles Well's new 6T is equipped with two pipe racks, cathead, front jack, work lights and power to rear.

Company: D&E Pump

Based in Titusville, FL.  D&E's new 3-4T is equipped with two manual tilt pipe racks, oil cooler and tailgate.

Company: Pruitt Water LLC

Based in Weridale, FL Pruitt Water's new R2 hoist is equipped with a pipe rack, front jack and tailgate. It's mounted on a 2019 Dodge 3500 with a flatbed deck. 

Company: Weber Water Resources

Based in Phoenix AZ.  Weber Water Resources took delivery of their new 50T pump hoist.  Their unit is equipped with work lights, a swing arm, cathead, headache rack, sandline (less cable) and under deck mounted toolboxes.

Company: Sunshine Well & Pump

Based in Ocala, FL.  Sunshine Well & Pump's new 5T is equipped with wireless remote, two manual tilt pipe racks, oil cooler, front jack, work lights and is mounted on a 9' utility body.  We're pretty sure Steve's a Florida Gator fan!

Company: CTW Corporation

Based in Lannon WI.  CTW's new 10T is mounted on a 19' deck with headache rack and 5' toolboxes.  Other options include a sandline, oil cooler, front jack and power to rear.

Company: US Dept of Energy

USDE, based in Richland, WA.  Their new 8T is mounted a 11' utility body, plus a 3' deck that holds their hydraulicly driven welder and air compressor.  Some of the options on this unit are two pipe racks, sandline winch, wireless remote, oil cooler and power to rear.

Company: Christensen Well

Based in Hartington NE, Christensen Wells new 6T is mounted on a 13' utility body with flip top compartments.  This rig has 10' additional mast height, one pipe rack, work lights, oil cooler and a wire winder.