Standard Features

  • Mast: 44 ft. high telescoping mast with 10 ft. maximum layback
  • Capacity:  44,000 lbs. with 4 part line
  • Mainline block speed: 75 feet per minute
  • Mainline cable: 5/8" x 280'
  • Hunke's unique rigging on the main winch allows changing from a 4 part line to a 2 part line (double wrapping) with minimal time and effort
  • The tailout winch has a 3,000 lb. lifting capacity at 100 feet per minute and uses a fail-safe brake.  Tailout cable:  3/8"
  • Line block: 2 sheave block with bearings for 4 part line, hook is included
  • PTO for standard transmission (PTO is available for automatic transmission as additional cost)
  • Hydraulic pump: Hydro-static pump
  • Oil cooler with hydraulically driven fan
  • Hydraulic bypass valves are incorporated to pretect from overloading
  • Rear hydraulic outriggers with holding valves
  • Holding valve on mast cylinders
  • Gray or white paint on the mast and black paint on the deck and rig frame


The R20 pump hoist with 44,000 lbs. capacity and a 44 ft. high telescoping mast is designed for fast and easy setup by means of a seft supporting mast with two 4-1/2" bore hydraulic cylinders. A guy cable is not needed in most situations.  The design allows for easy access to hard-to-get-to pumps.

The frame of the rig is the same as a R12, the difference is in the winch motors.  We incorporated hydrostatically driven motors with infinite variable speed control for exceptionally smooth operation for both the main winch and the sandline winch.

The optional sandline winch is operated power-up and power-down.  The sandline has a bare lifting capacity of 13,000 lbs. at 300 feet per minute.  Cable capacity is 3,000' of 9/16" cable.

Operating controls are conveniently located at the left rear corner of the rig and are accessible from ground level.

A Hunke deck is an essential part of the R12 pump hoist.  A minimum length of 20' is required.

The front portion of the deck remains open for carco and work tools.